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Ankur Borwankar

An alumnus of Fergusson College, University of Pune, Ankur began his entrepreneurial journey as Founder of the critically acclaimed news & opinion editorial publication – Indus Dictum. Indus Dictum is the publishing wing of Dictum Media, the leading modern branding & marketing strategy company with offices in New Delhi & Pune, India, and Toronto, Canada.

Ankur consults for businesses and Executives on enterprise & business growth strategy. As a business consultant, Ankur aids a wide range of companies & startups,  corporations & organisations, brands, and public figures in branding & marketing strategy and in expanding their growth prospects, both in India as well as abroad. He also conducts corporate training sessions & workshops on entrepreneurship, business growth strategy, branding & marketing strategy, communications & design, and CX.

Dictum Media provides a range of digital services driven by proprietary marketing technology & automation tools built on advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Ankur is the Founder & CEO of Dictum Media.

Dictum Media and Ankur have served global tech brands such as Bose, JBL, Xiaomi, Oppo, Comio, Brainwavz, Anker, as well as with organisations across agriculture, education, manufacturing, sustainability, and other industries to improve their product offerings and grow their business.

Betting on his success in the food & lifestyle sector, Ankur was also the co-founder of Piggy Bank, a cloud kitchen that served up thousands of gourmet and health-food meals every month through online ordering from two branches in Pune, India, till the Covid pandemic lockdowns of 2020.

Work With Ankur

Ankur Borwankar delivering a keynote speech on storytelling at ADIT Engineering College, Anand, Gujarat | Organised by IEEE

Keynote Speaker

A storyteller at heart, Ankur is a keynote speaker at various institutional events, telling the tales of his journey through entrepreneurship and journalism, dotted with anecdotes from his experiences as a lawyer and personal interactions with thought leaders and industry experts.

Ankur Borwankar in a fireside chat at Persistent Systems

Business Consultant

Consulting for various businesses & startups, Ankur conducts sessions with Chief Officers in a wide range of organisations & corporations in India and abroad to aid in project planning & execution, enterprise & business growth prospects, and adding revenue streams through digital avenues and unconventional methods.

006 digital marketing 1 | Ankur Borwankar
Business Growth Strategy

Discover new avenues of growth and expand sales to keep the volumes high and income higher.

007 online course 1 | Ankur Borwankar
Digital Marketing

Grow your brand & business with Dictum Media's industry-leading tools & techniques.

008 email marketing 1 | Ankur Borwankar
email marketing

Keep in touch & convert customers with beautifully designed newsletters & mailer management.

009 strategy 1 | Ankur Borwankar
pricing strategies

Optimize your pricing strategies to grow customer numbers and keep profits high.

010 money 1 | Ankur Borwankar
money mindset

Focus on the bottom-line and strategize for bigger markets - The buck stops with you.

012 funnel 1 | Ankur Borwankar
Communication Strategy

Optimize communication streams to send your message to the right audiences.

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What People Say About Ankur

015 quote | Ankur Borwankar
Ankur is one of the sharpest CX and branding experts out there. His magnetic personality and sense of humor create a positive vibe all around.
Rushabh Banthia, Supply Chain Professional at Micron Technology
Rushabh Banthia
Supply Chain Professional
Micron Technology

Ankur Borwankar is the founder of Dictum Media. He is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, business & branding consultant, and startup advisor in New Delhi & Pune, India.

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