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An author, lawyer, and entrepreneur from Pune, India, Ankur Borwankar is a public speaker and veteran communications strategist who designs intelligent content and branding campaigns for startups, MNCs, public figures, and everything in between. In 2017, he founded Dictum Media, a 360-degree digital marketing & branding services firm with clients on every continent around the world. Ankur is also the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Indus Dictum, the critically acclaimed news publication for thought leaders with over 100k subscribers.

Being a storyteller at heart, Ankur is a motivational & keynote speaker at various institutional events, telling the tales of his journey through entrepreneurship and journalism, dotted with anecdotes from his experiences as a lawyer and personal interactions with thought leaders and industry experts. Before setting off to establish the Dictum Media House, Ankur worked at some of India’s top publications, including The Indian Express, NDTV, and Network18. He stepped into the world of journalism as the Chief Editor of the Pune division of food & lifestyle giant Burrp.com before heading on to more political and socially oriented fields.

As a speaker, Ankur often interacts with people from all walks of life to share his experiences and knowledge. This includes professionals at news & media organisations, government officials in policy formulation and think tanks, CXOs and corporate teams in various businesses, and even students and teaching faculty in colleges, Rotary, YPF, and other community organisations.

If you want to move fast, go alone.
If you want to move far, go together.

Ankur Borwankar

Ankur Borwankar has also held the prestigious position of the top Amazon India Product Reviewer, ranked No. 1 for two consecutive years from 2014 to 2016. His deep understanding of consumer electronics & technology catapulted him to the coveted spot at the top of the nation’s rankings. During this period, Ankur collaborated with tech giants such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Comio, Bose, JBL, Brainwavz, Anker, and many others to deconstruct and improve their product offerings.

Thanks in large part to his close work with them, hi-fi audio makers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) from all over the world became members of the client portfolio at Dictum Media, and subsequently for other Dictum House services. Ankur’s experimental nature and extensive training in and understanding of User Experience (UX) and Customer Experience (CX) is easily conveyed in his insightful articles, tear-downs, and reviews of consumer gadgets and devices.

As a consultant for various businesses & startups, Ankur aids a wide range of organisations & corporates in project planning & execution, and expanding their growth prospects, both in India as well as abroad. In his spare time, he works on social and humanitarian undertakings with IEEE, the international professional organisation of engineers, to set up smart villages in India’s least developed sectors. He is the Communications Head of the South Asia Working Group (SAWG) under IEEE Smart Village.

Do whatever you want to do,
but be the best at it.

Ankur Borwankar

With a vast treasure of knowledge and experience to draw from, Ankur conducts training sessions & workshops on entrepreneurship, marketing & advertising, journalism, and governance & policy. His personal touch and friendly approach are well-known hallmarks, and his relatable stories leave audiences spell-bound. Never a boring moment with Ankur at the dais as he has a limitless library of legends and lore to share with curious minds.

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