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Ankur Borwankar

Ankur is the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Indus Dictum, the critically acclaimed and globally-renowned independent publication for thought leaders with over 100k subscribers. Indus Dictum is owned & operated by Dictum Media and Ankur’s articles frequently appear on the portal.

Apart from Indus Dictum, Ankur’s columns & articles are featured on internationally renowned portals like the Indian Express, NDTV, Network18 and Burrp.com. His write-ups typically revolve around technology, politics, governance & policy, entrepreneurship and journalism

Work With Ankur

Ankur Borwankar delivering a keynote speech on storytelling at ADIT Engineering College, Anand, Gujarat | Organised by IEEE

Keynote Speaker

Ankur headlines the keynote panels of corporate as well as social events for businesses, colleges, schools and community organisations like Rotary and YPF. His style of storytelling has earned him many followers.

Ankur Borwankar in a fireside chat at Persistent Systems

Business Consultant

As a consultant for various businesses and startups, Ankur aids a wide range of organisations and corporations in project planning & execution, and expanding their growth prospects in India as well as abroad.

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Ankur's love for the written word makes him an excellent author and content guru, and his creativity and impeccable communication skills have made him one of the most dependable and astute content strategists around.
Ashish Bohora, Entrepreneur & Marketer
Ashish Bohora
Founder & CEO
Mokusei Intelligence

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