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“People feel shame in not knowing what to do or where they are headed. It shouldn’t be that way. You should keep exploring your interests. Along the way, you will find something that gives you a reason to wake up in the morning.”


“We spoke to Ankur Borwankar from Dictum Media about being a parallel entrepreneur, and his experience in cultivating a skillset that brings together the best of multiple worlds. A food critic, a journalist, a lawyer, and an entrepreneur – Ankur has been many things, often simultaneously.”

Indian Express

“Youth fights own case in consumer forum, gets Rs 21,201 for damaged mobile phone.”

Indian Express

“Compensate consumer for not replacing or repairing phone in warranty, firm told.”

Ankur Borwankar is the founder of Dictum Media. He is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, business & branding consultant, and startup advisor in New Delhi & Pune, India.

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